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About Us


Heywood and District Secondary College is situated in a rural community of over 6,000 people located in the south west of Victoria.   The Heywood township has a population of 1,300.   Approximately 60% of the student population travel in from the outlying district by bus.

HDSC Leadership Team of 2019

Principal : Kelly Webster Webster,Kelly
Assistant Principal : Brenton Schintler
Senior School Manager : Jeremy Prevett Prevett,Jeremy
Curriculum Coordinator : Stephanie Tashkoff Tashkoff,Stephanie

HDSC House Coordinators of 2019

Doolibah : Sharnah Malseed  Malseed,Sharnah
Gumerooka : Michael Doherty  Doherty,Michael
Tallawalla : Megan Latham Latham,Megan

School Ethos

Heywood and District Secondary College seeks to provide an environment which is encouraging in its approach to learning, is safe and secure, where students can learn and develop their skills in an atmosphere free from harassment or negativity.   At all times students will be encouraged to be respectful of others and co-operative in approach.

It is challenging in an academic sense, ensuring access to enrichment activities and extending sportsmanship and a competitive spirit.

It is important that students feel positive about themselves, are socially aware, have sense of their community and develop a high self-esteem.   The school seeks to encourage values of individual dignity and worth, originality, initiative, independence and humor amongst students.

The school encourages students in broadening their horizons, to have achievable goals and ensure successes are celebrated.

Students are encouraged to take a confident place in society, ready for appropriate and fulfilling work or further education, to be adaptive to change and grasp opportunities as they arise.


The aims of Heywood and District Secondary College are to:

  • Develop each student's full potential in reading, writing, mathematics, communication, inquiry and social, physical, creative and manual skills.
  • Develop specific skills of thinking and application within a framework of general knowledge and experience.
  • Provide a curriculum that minimises competitive pressures on learning while ensuring that it remains challenging for all students.
  • Make school a positive, enjoyable and satisfying experience by providing a variety of activities that will enable each student to experience a feeling of personal success.
  • Encourage a mutual self-respect, with all students feeling equally important irrespective of individual strengths or weaknesses.
  • Develop questioning students with the ability to base decisions on logic and reason.
  • Develop an appreciation of the need for rules and discipline with self-discipline as the ultimate goal.
  • Prepare students for whatever pathway they seek to pursue upon leaving school.
  • Develop a positive attitude to the lifelong process of learning.
  • Develop in each student independence, self-confidence, self-motivation, tolerance, co-operation, and respect for the rights, wishes and views of others and the willingness to undertake responsibility.