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Hump Week Activities

We are halfway through the term; everybody has been working really hard. We have decided that during week 6 we are going to run a competition and some mini projects and activities that students in Years 7 – 10 can get involved in. Week 6 is also a time where students can catch up on work they have fallen behind in and make times to connect with their teachers individually and talk about their work, concerns and what is coming up.

Students have an opportunity to complete the project for the week and submit it for a prize and supplement their learning with daily activities and learning opportunities. Teachers will be in touch during the week to check in on how the project and learning activities are going and if you need any support.

Week Long Project

Design and build a new object that includes moving parts that could improve our lives.

Full details on this task are contained within the download file linked below.






Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day

Word Puzzles


Word Puzzles


Word puzzles

PE: Push Up & Sit Up Challenge

Write a Poem

Egg Safety Challenge

Create a Song

Write a Short Story

Build a Bridge

Scavenger Hunt

Recreate a Famous Work of Art

Fruit and Veggie Sculpture

Matchstick Challenge

Blast from the Past

Brain Game Challenges

Origami Challenge

Master Chef Challenge

Taj Mahal Challenge