23 Gorrie St, Heywood VIC 3304    (03) 5527 1303
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At HDSC the wellbeing of every single member of the school community is of the upmost importance. Our team of motivated, compassionate and friendly staff, come to work each day to enhance the wellbeing of our students, staff and parents.


Our Wellbeing facilities include a dedicated space for students to feel relaxed in a stress free environment, private counselling rooms, access to food provided by Anglicare to help get through the day and games designed to improve the wellbeing of all. 


Our dedicated Wellbeing and support team to ensure you are well looked after consists of:

  • Marg – Integration Leader
  • Tiana – Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Tania – School Chaplain and Support
  • Ebony – Integration Support
  • Paulette – Integration Support
  • Lauren – Standing Tall, GRIN
  • Sarah – Literacy Support